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26 Jul 2017

Points to Consider When Choosing a Dog Breed


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Posted By Heidi E.

After pleading from your children and several discussions, you've decided to add a dog to your family! Perhaps you're looking to adopt a dog from a local rescue organization or neighborhood shelter. Wherever your new dog may come from, you need to read about various breeds' needs, temperaments, exercise requirements, common health problems, and more. This will help you find the best breed for your family before bringing him into your home. Some breeds may do well with children, while some may require frequent grooming. It's important to find a great fit for both the dog and your family, to minimize problems arising later. There are several factors to consider when it comes to selecting a breed. Adding a dog to your family is an important decision and one that could last up to 16 years. You need to ask yourself important questions such as: • What size dog is best for your home? You don't want to have a large dog cooped up all day in a tiny apartment. • What type of home will the dog live in? Apartment? Condo? House? Is there a yard? A park nearby? A dog needs a little bit of room to roam and play. • How much time will you be able to devote to playing and exercising your dog? Dogs require a lot of attention and time, or they will begin acting out. You may need to consider a breed that doesn't require a lot of exercise. • How much maintenance and grooming will be required? Long-haired dogs require frequent brushing and other care. Do you have the time and money to invest in grooming each month? • Do you want to train your dog? Some breeds are easier to train than others. • Do you have children? Many dogs are great with children. However, other breeds have poor temperaments around children; they aren't recommended for families with children under age 10. Answering these questions will help lead you to the right dog breed for your family. Several online quizzes also may help you find the best match, such as those at There are over 150 purebred types of dogs, plus countless mixed-breeds in local shelters. You may already have a breed or two in mind; but, you need to carefully research your decision, to make sure all the factors are a great match. For example, the Jack Russell Terrier is adorable and lively; but, requires frequent exercise and may be hard to train. The English Bulldog may seem like a stocky and robust dog, but they're known to have a number of health problems and may live only 11 years. You may think the Greyhound loves to race and run around; but, actually they are couch potatoes. This is only a sample of the information you'll need to consider. After doing your research on breeds, talk to friends a local shelter, rescue group or veterinarian about wanting a dog. They can share their experiences and may have breed recommendations. After learning more about the best dog for your lifestyle, you'll be ready to welcome a new member to your family.


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